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Donald Trump actions brings nothing but embarrassment to US

Donald Trump actions brings nothing but embarrassment to US

Donald Trump in his three years of presidency has put America and the Americans into bizarre situations and has done many things that has made the US and the Americans feel embarrassed in the world. His ego and arrogance has done a lot damage to the country and its people in its history. Donald Trump never tried to care about the US international relations. He spent all his time in insulting and embarrassing the US close allies and started trade wars. He helped the world to joke about the US through his own foolish actions and statements. He publicly announces that he wants to purchase some part of a country because he likes it and when he get refusal from other side he insultingly, disrespectfully call of his scheduled tour to the country and later on mock them on social media and as a result people from around the world gets a chance to lash out at the US and make jokes of the county. The president when realised that his presidency is in danger he threatens the country with a civil war. Just imagine a president of the country himself who is elected by millions of Americans threatens the same Americans with a civil war. The president also embarrassed the nation with his super intellectual idea of Nuking the hurricanes. Almost every every action and statement of the president Trump is hurting the US in a different way. People from around the world are mocking at the US because of President Trump.

A president who instead of accepting guilty for his deeds when they are proven to be wrong he actually turn against the law and try to prove him right by all fair and unfair means that comes to his mind. He will say anything to prove himself right and the rest legislations and the US constitution wrong and he will do anything to get the same. Normally what was revealed in the whistleblower complaint any other president will apologize to his nation but Donald Trump admitting the fact now he admitted that he will ask any other country’s help to do the same in future and he declared it his right and obligation. He asked China to investigate Joe Biden and he asked it publicly not knowing the fact that how embarrassment it had brought to the US, a president who is asking country after country to sue his 2020 political rival Joe Biden of whom he is worried about his victory in 2020 election. Instead of defeating him in polls Trump finds it much easier to unlist him from his way by asking others help and allowing them the confidential data for investigation. Earlier Donald Trump asked Australian Prime minister to help in investigating the origin of former special counsel Robert Mueller Russian investigation. Donald Trump is directly attacking the US image by telling the world how much US is covered in corruption and it is everywhere, even in the top US political parties, that's what Donald Trump is giving a message through his actions and statements. Top Democrat says Trump calls for foreign involvement are a 'fundamental breach of his oath of office'.

Donald Trump last month attended “Howdy Modi” the Indian Prime Minister power show in Houston just to get votes from over five million plus Indian minorities living in the US and he actually convinced Modi to say “ AB KI BAAR, TRUMP SARKAR” which translates , “ Vote Trump in his upcoming elections” quite disgusting of the Indian Prime minister not thinking of the consequences what if Democrat candidate wins the election. A US president is asking help from other countries to promote him for the 2020 election. 

His policies are not considered favouring the America neither they are friendly with US allies. Donald Trump is openly saying do it our way or be ready for the consequences. He sparked a trade war with China that pushed the US economy towards a bad side and brought lots of embarrassment and hate for America. He also warned British, one of the US close ally to do it his way or be ready for trade war after he finishes with China.

Looking into Donald Trump presidency we see a president that is not quite mentaly well enough to be a leader of the super power country. Due to his actions questions have been raised about his mental conditions. UK ambassador in US Kim Darroch who called the Donald Trump and his administration a total dysfunction and inept and then he was fired because of this. He also said that Trump presidency can burn and end up in disgrace. He wrote that in a memo that was spread all over the world.

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