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The forgotten promises : How is it going to effect Donald Trump's 2020 election


Donald Trump made dozens of promises before the election 2016 that gave him a victory against Hillary Clinton his opponent. Some of the promises were kept duly and some others were partially delivered and most of them are still queued to be considered.

Donald Trump in the past three years have been engaged in major issues that brought anger among the Americans as he made some decisions they were not welcomed by most people. His popularity graph has been declined since he took over the office. Donald Trump seems to be worried about the few promises that he made but did not delivered fully or partially and to him those undelivered promises can have a huge impact on his 2020 election. If Trump has to regain his lost fame among the people, he needs to do a few things ahead of election 2020.

1. Donald Trump promised that he will increase the GDP to 4.0 after taking the office but in the last three years the GDP has been dropped to 2.1 thats 3.0 when president Obama left the office. GDP below 2.0 can lead into recession. Donald Trump has to take corrective measures and improve the economy by listening to the experts and bringing the Feds onboard instead of blaming them for high interest rates.
Trade deal with China has cost the United States a lot. The high tariff rates are costing the Americans and the farmers directly and many are losing their businesses. The farmers  aren't happy with Trump's policies. DOnald Trump instead of feeding his ego, needs to rethink about the options to renegotiate the trade deal with China and sign a deal that favours both countries interests. Only in that case the tariffs will be reconsidered and reduced which will bring some ease for businesses and the customers and of course Donald Trump will regain his popularity in that case. 

2. Donald Trump promised to build a wall on the Mexicanborder and said that he will make Mexico pay for the border wall. After Trump took over the office, Trump presented a bill to build the wall that was strongly opposed by the Democrats and a few Republicans. In 2018, the government went for shutdown in the wake of 5 billion dollars extra fund that Trump wanted to spend on the border wall and Democrats opposed it. Trump said that he will put 20 % tax cut on Mexican imports to make Mexico pay the wall but the Mexican leadership refused to pay a single penny for the border wall.
How will Trump keep his promise to make Mexico pay for the wall which is around 25 billion dollars now and Trump had diverted many other departments funds to build the wall, recently he took 3.6 billions from military funds to keep building the wall but so far there has been no improvement on how to make Mexico pay the wall money. If Trump fails to pay them it can make Americans really upset and will have super bad effects on 2020 election. Donald Trump must come up with some progress in this matter before 2020 election to regain the American faith in him.

3. Donald Trump promised to pull the American troops out from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan which was widely liked by Americans. Trump said that the region was a total mess and bring nothing but heavy cost. He wished that the government has spent trillions of dollars in the US for the people of America. After Trump took over the office his administration deployed 3000 more troops in Afghanistan, which was against his promise.
In 2018 Trump ordered to withdraw troops from Syria and Iraq and after a few days after it was disclosed that Trump had planned to withdraw 7000 troops from Afghanistan too. Donald Trump has kept the Afghanistan troop withdrawal matter to the end of 2020 before the election so he can win the Americans hearts just before the election. The peace process with Afghan Taliban is in progress but have no outcome so far as the Afghan Taliban are not agreeing to some conditions that are asked by the United States. However if Donald Trump succeeds in the peace process with Afghan Taliban and bring back US forces before the election, Trump can have a boost in his popularity and his win percent can go higher.

Donald Trump reportedly said that he will deport all illegal immigrants from the United States, every single one of them. They were reported to be more than 11 million so far.After Trump entered the Oval office he soften his stance about the immigrants and said, those who have criminal background will be deported. In the year 2018, the number of people deported was far less than the Obama’s time.