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Disgusting and Foul mouthed: Trump attacked former White House aide

Omarosa "disgusting and foul mouthed" says Trump

Donald Trump launched a new series of attack on a former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman by calling her ‘Disgusting and Foul mouthed’. Donald Trump on Saturday in his tweet said that ‘He will be suing ‘Disgusting and foul mouthed; people for violating their agreements. Donald Trump also accused Omarosa for publishing a book against his administration when she was in it.

“...Yes, I am currently suing various people for violating their confidentiality agreements. Disgusting and foul mouthed Omarosa is one. I gave her every break, despite the fact that she was despised by everyone, and she went for some cheap money from a book. Numerous others also!”

Newman was set to leave the White House with a great show in 2017 but later on she claimed that she was fired and she had the recording of the Chief of Staff John Kelly when he was firing her.  Newman leaked a secret audio recording of Trump, John Kelly and others that she had mentioned in her book. In her book she also mentioned that Donald Trump had mental problems and something wrong was going on with him.

Donald Trump attacked Omarosa after he praised Madeleine Westerhout and said that she is a very good person. Trump added to his tweet that Madeleine called him last night and she was sorry about what happened, she asked for an apology and the apology was accepted. Trump further said that he love Tiffany.

While Madeleine Westerhout has a fully enforceable confidentiality agreement, she is a very good person and I don’t think there would ever be a reason to use it. She called me yesterday to apologize, had a bad night. I fully understood and forgave her! I love Tiffany, doing great!

Donald Trump's former personal assistant Madeleine Westerhout was fired fired after she leaked the details of the first family in a dinner. Madeleine revealed in that dinner that Donald Trump avoid to appear in photo with his daughter because she is overweight. Donald Trump tweeted right after Politico break the story.